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Partners for Resilience members, welcome to the PfR Library! This website was designed to assemble a variety of relevant documents produced by Partners for Resilience. The library contains documents related to the PfR approach, tools, experiences and lessons learnt from the project countries teams in  Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Guatemala, Mali, Nicaragua, Philippines and Uganda.

Users can search with different filters (as many as you wish) – country, type of document, year, etc. However, without the filters, you can use also the “keyword” section to type a specific word or words important in the content of the document needed e.g. camel caravan. Forgot the name or main activity? No problem, we have developed the “tags” section to help you find the document that you are looking for.

Notice: As the database is in its first stage, we are constantly uploading new documents and correcting formats. When you search the database and do not get the results you expect, please inform us at and we are happy to help.

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