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The Climate Centre has used a large variety of games in the past years. We have compiled a selection of our some of our favorite games here. Please note that we are still updating this website.

How to use the games site

Facilitating games

It is important to facilitate these games in a reflective manner - after all the learning is the most important part of the experiential process. Here are some tips for facilitating games. You can also watch these short videos presenting some of the short games and providing tips for facilitation.

Looking for a specialized game? 

Explorative Games

Ready (dice)    #101                                               
Starts as a sit-down preparation discussion that evolves into a physical game where players frantically race to complete tasks before a disaster strikes.

Time: 60 min  Facilitator skill: ***  Group: 12-30 persons Sector: various Language: English Keywords: Preparation, Disaster preparedness, Collaboration


Paying for Predictions   #102
Exploring the usefulness and limitations of seasonal forecasts while testing risk-taking behavior of participants. 

Time: 60-90 min  Facilitator skill: *** Group: 10-40 persons Sector: various Language: English Keywords: Seasonal Forecast, Disasters, Collaboration, Planning


Before the Storm   #103
Before the Storm is a decision-making card game taking players through the preparations for an upcoming weather event.

Time: 60 min  Facilitator skill: ***  Group: 4-6 persons Sector: various
Language: English  Keywords: Preparation, Disaster preparedness, Collaboration


Decisions for the Decade  #104
Decisions for the Decade is an intensely interactive game designed to support learning and dialogue about key aspects of long-term investments under uncertainty.

Time: 30-60 min Facilitator skill: *** Group: 12-30 persons Sector: various Language: English Keywords: Preparation, Disaster preparedness, Collaboration


Dissolving Disasters  #105
This is a resilience game in which players assume the role of subsistence farmers organized into village teams, players make individual decisions that lead to collective patterns of choice and risk.

Time: 60-120 min Facilitator skill: *** Group: 10-40 persons Sector: various Language: English Keywords: Preparation, Disaster preparedness, Collaboration


Act to Adapt     #106
Designed for children and youth (age 12-17). Strengthens understanding of local climate change impacts and engages children and youth in exploring ideas on what they and their community can do to reduce climate risks, adapt and become more resilient. 

Time: 80-120 min Facilitator skill: **** Group: 10-30 persons Sector: various Language: English  Keywords: Youth, Climate Change Adaptation, Risk Reduction, Climate Change Impacts


Invest in the Future     #107
Interactive game played with cards (no facilitator required). It combines storytelling and strategy to engage players in thinking about the importance taking Climate Change into consideration as they strive to make responsible, sustainable development investment decisions.

Time: 60-90 min  Facilitator skill: N/A Group: 3-5 persons Sector: various Language: English Keywords: Youth, Climate Change Adaptation, Resilient Development


Handwashing with Ananse #108
Handwashing with Ananse is a storybook game about washing your hands with soap - designed for children (age 8-12) in Ghana. Through a series of traditional stories and songs and games, the children learn why, how and when they should wash their hands with soap

Time: +/- 30 min per game. Total: 3+ hours, over the course of 4 weeks Facilitator skill: **  Group: 15 - 30 persons Sector: Health and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Language: English Keywords: children, WASH


Gender and Climate Game   #109
This game is designed to learn people about decision making under uncertainty, as well as the role of gender in humanitarian and development planning.

Time: 60-120 min Faciltator skill: **** Group: 10-40 players Sector: Gender, Disaster Risk Reduction Language: English Keywords: Gender, Risk Reduction. 


Short Energizing Games

Farming Juggle   #201
Explore collaboration and priorities in the face of complexity and unexpected disasters in this dynamic juggling game.

Time: 20 min Facilitator skill: * Group: 8-50 persons Sector: various
Language: English Keywords: Complexity, Stressors, Collaboration, Adaptation


Snap!  #202
This game explores thinking patterns on a certain topic in a dynamic way with a partner and can be used to dynamically explore associations with a certain topic or process. 

Time: 20 min Facilitator skill: ** Group: 6-80 persons (pairs) Sector: various 
Language: English Keywords: Association, Collaboration, working under pressure


ZAP-WOOSH   #203
A short game that will explore the different ways we work together and collaborate in relaxing times and times of pressure.

Time: 10 min Facilitator skill: * Group: 10- 30 persons Sector: various 
Language: English Keywords: Decision, Pressure, Collaboration, Adaptation


Race for Risk Reduction   #204
Two teams test their ability to respond to a crisis using existing opportunities. This game also explores decision making under pressure and dealing with complexity. 

Time: 60 min Facilitator skill: *** Group: 12-30 persons Sector: various 
Language: English Keywords: Decision making, Disaster preparedness, Collaboration


Adaptation Labyrinth   #205
The team needs to navigate the Adaptation Labyrinth while encountering unexpected obstacles. An entertaining game that allows a flexible narrative and deep reflection.

Time: 60 min Facilitator skill: *** Group: 12-30 persons Sector: various
Language: English Keywords: Pressure, Complexity, Collaboration, Adaptation, Climate Change


Answer with your feet   #206
A quick energizer to allow people to self organize in a room according to certain questions called out.

Time: 5-10 min Facilitator skill: *  Group: 6- 32 persons Sector: various
Language: English Keywords: self organisation, distribution


You can download a series of Facilitation Cards to explore more games.

Icon credits: Game by Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre; Dice by chris dawson; Race by Takao Umehara; Question by Icons8; Question by Kirill Ulitin; Brainstorm by Simon Child; Water by Paulo Volkova; Juggle by Matthew Hawdon; Maze by gilbert bages; Hurdle by Desbenoit; Bouncing ball by Jean-Philippe Cabaroc