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To explore communication and styles of communication within a group

To understand how team are operating and to investigate areas for improvement



1. Ask everyone to stand in a circle. Introduce the ZAP - including the movement and sound. Insist that people stick to your demonstration!

2. Play a round and explain that any player can change direction of the ZAP.

3. After a little while introduce the WOOSH. Explain that this can only happen across the circle.

4. Play another round - and then introduce the BOING - the movement that bounces back the WOOSH (you know what I mean?)

Play another round or two before starting the debriefing.

The Movements

ZAP: A clap facing you neighbour, while looking him/ her into the eye - saying "Zap" with emphasis.

WOOSH: Throwing an imaginary ball across the room with both hands while making eye contact with the partner across the circle.

BOING: Holding both hands in front of your face, palms facing the circle (or rather the coming WOOSH) while making the sound "Boing".


Reflect in the group how it felt to pass on a Zap or respond with a Boing. Then you can reflect on similarities to the situation within the team and how these could be surfaced and maybe even addressed.

Materials needed:



Be strict about the movement and sound you introduce and maintain speed and momentum.

Relevance for adaptation and DRR processes

This energizer is quick and light hearted and can serve to reflect on different ways of working within teams. It also helps explore different ways of communication and working in teams under pressure.