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IPCC Working group II

The IPCC Working Group II (WG II) contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) was released to the world at a news conference in the Japanese port city of Yokohama. It centres on the impacts and risks of climate change and what is needed to adapt to those changes.

IFRC materials on WG II include a press release carried on the Climate Centre homepage and an opinion piece by Tadateru Konoe, the IFRC president.

The IFRC also published five case studies from around the world, highlighting National Societies' work on climate-related risk.

The Climate Centre has also deployed specialist IPCC expertise to compile answers to some key questions about the findings of the IPCC WG II report and an overview of the main content in a 'summary of the summary'. 

Changes in regional temperature and rainfall extremes gives an overview by region of observed and projected changes in temperature and rainfall extremes, as well as droughts.

For more information on worldwide future extremes, see
Global changes in climate extremes, which summarizes key changes in extremes, rainfall patterns, temperature and sea level.

For an overview of the trends in rainfall, temperature and sea level, observed and projected, see Overview figure.

This table gives an overview by region of changes in temperature and rainfall extremes, as well as droughts.

Climate Centre Director Maarten van Aalst, also an IPCC Lead Author, was in Yokohama and blogged about the Working Group II process.