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Development and Climate Days

Development and Climate Days 2018 (D&C Days)

Global ambition | Local action | Climate resilience for all

Date: 8-9 December 2018

Last year’s D&C Days (agendakey messages, Jorge Martin mural) aimed to influence the ‘Ambition Mechanism’ processes under the UNFCCC – particularly the Talanoa Dialogue and Global Stocktake – and to inform climate action on all levels, looking ahead to 2020. 

At D&C Days the dynamic format encourages dialogue on a range of issues that link policy, knowledge and practice.

Innovative approaches encourage participants to interact, challenge existing thinking, and generate new ideas.  

The 16th annual D&C Days continued to build on the topic of ‘Global ambition. Local action. Climate resilience for all’ and focused on four themes:

  • Transparency and downward accountability
  • Resilience through empowerment
  • Financing adaptation, risk reduction and risk management
  • Valuing lived experience and local knowledge.

It was organized in partnership by the Climate Centre, the International Institute for Environment and Development, Environmental Finance Center West, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the German Development Institute/Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the International Development Research Centre and the International Fund for Agricultural Development, and the Global Resilience Partnership.

Contributing partners were Action on Climate Today, the Adaptation Network, and the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance.

Next year’s event will take place on 7-8 December alongside COP 25 in Santiago de Chile. Please watch this space for registration information later.