Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre

Annual Report 2012

24/08/2013 - by the Climate Centre

The Climate Centre’s work in 2012 underlined its growing capacity to turn awareness into action, and to connect science, policy and practice on the ground. This annual report provides an overview of those efforts, partnerships and innovations.

Among the highlights, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) formally released the complete text of its report Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (“SREX”), of which the Climate Centre’s director was coordinating lead author.  
The nine-country programme of the Partners for Resilience (PfR), of which the Climate Centre is one, continued successfully into its second year. Among other achievements, two of the PfR country teams developed new minimum standards for climate-smart disaster risk reduction (DRR) that we hope will bridge the gap between national climate policy and local capacities. 
Two new exciting and groundbreaking projects, with the Togo and Uganda Red Cross, supported by the German Red Cross, will entail – for the first time ever in the humanitarian sector – “forecast-based financing”.  
The Climate Centre also took over stewardship of Development & Climate Days – a high-profile weekend event during the annual UN climate talks, COP18, in Doha, Qatar. 
D&C Days also included the educational decision-making games that are now a hugely popular and integral part of our work. These games, developed in partnership with several National Societies as well as academic institutions and game-design specialists, featured in much of our work in 2012, ranging from support to National Societies’ local engagement with vulnerable communities in developing countries to a variety of training programmes, as well as events at the White House, the World Bank and the UN.
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