Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre

Annual reports

Annual Report 2017
Another year of extremes





Annual Report 2016
Addressing climate risk in a year of hunger





Annual Report 2015
Building resilience during a year of firsts





Annual Report 2014
Linking science, policy and practice for community resilience





Annual Report 2013
Innovation, participation and learning 
in climate risk   management





Annual Report 2012
Towards climate-smart resilience:
a year of engagement





Annual Report 2011
Reinforcing resilience:
climate-smart disaster risk reduction
in the Red Cross Red Crescent




Annual Report 2010
Building capacity
for climate risk management





Annual Report 2009
Climate Change in 2009:
Local Actions and Global Politics





Annual report 2008
Climate Change and
Disaster Risk Management





Annual Report 2007
Red Cross Red Crescent disaster risk
reduction and climate change





Annual Report 2006
Adressing the humanitarian
consequenses of climate change