Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre

National adaptation planning - a training module

Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies can have a strong impact on the lives of vulnerable people by engaging with their governments in order to inspire and influence the national adaptation planning for changing climate-related risks.

This 2-day training workshop module is designed to help National Societies expand their policy engagement to include climate change adaptation.

The training material has been developed for and refined during workshops in five National Societies under the “NAP Project” and the version available here revised based on the experiences and feedback from participants.

On the link below the full package can be downloaded in a ZIP file containing:

  • A facilitator’s ‘workshop outline’ for a full two-day workshop; this serves as a “script” for the facilitator and provided the story line to link all the exercises, presentations and discussion sessions.
  • A series of short presentations, some of them including introductions and explanations to a subsequent exercise
  • Four exercises and a ‘role play’

The files are numbered sequentially (00-12) for easy sorting.

Download the full package as a ZIP file here.

Please be aware that, depending on context and audience, a facilitator may need to use supplementary training material – for instance more in-depth information in the humanitarian implications of climate change –  available on the Climate Training Kit.