This Climate Training Kit is currently undergoing revision and updating. The current products remain available, but are outdated. Early 2019 we will have a launch of the Climate Training Kit 2.0 - stay tuned!

Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Training Kit          

This kit has been developed to support capacity building on climate risk management in the Red Cross Red Crescent. It aims to help trainers and facilitators shape interactive training events or workshops, and tap into existing knowledge within the Movement. We encourage everyone to read the user guide to understand how the kit should be used, including more information about terminology, methodology and purpose.

This kit contains four modules, each split into sub-modules. They will help address specific topics for different training purposes.Trainers can tap into the content of all modules for free, and chose which elements match their needs.

- Training facilitator tips 
- Game facilitation tips 
- Facilitator tips for agenda setting
- Serious fun: General facilitation tips and energizers

If you would like to use the modules in a more generic training session, you can ask the Climate Centre and IFRC CPRR team to provide advice on which content to use.

Several of the materials in Spanish are available here
Several of the materials in 
French are available here.

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