This Climate Training Kit is currently undergoing revision and updating. The current products remain available, but are outdated. Early 2019 we will have a launch of the Climate Training Kit 2.0 - stay tuned!

Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Training Kit          

This module is the most extensive in the kit and explains how climate variability and change can be integrated in the different areas of work within the Red Cross Red Crescent. This module contains five sub-modules:

2a. Assessments, partnerships and networks can train Red Cross Red Crescent staff how to work together with external partners on this topic and how to write a national climate risk assessment.

2b. Using forecast information provides guidance on how to operationalize the concept of 'early warning, early action' by making better use of forcast information.

2c. Disaster Management explains how climate change and climate variability can be integrated in disaster management work and it contains a seperate focus on how disaster risk reduction relates to climate change adaptation.

2d. Community climate risk reduction explains how climate variability and change can be considered in community risk assessments (vulnerability and capacity assessments) .

2e. Heatlh and climate explains how climate risks and climate variability can be integrated into health programmes.

If you would like to use the modules in a more generic training session, you can ask the Climate Centre and IFRC CPRR team to provide advice on which content to use..

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