Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre

Climate-related training for trainers at IFRC Asia Pacific HQ

04/12/2018 - by Nicola Ward and Aditi Kapoor, Climate Centre

More than 20 participants from National Societies and IFRC offices across the Asia Pacific region attended a training workshop on climate resilience in its Kuala Lumpur office that ended late last month, jointly facilitated by the Climate Centre.

The week-long session – supporting overall IFRC training for trainers – covered climate science, risk assessment and climate-smart community planning, early warning early action (including forecast-based financing), and advocacy, using desktop exercises, games, question-and-answer sessions, and presentations.

It was aimed at enabling Red Cross Red Crescent disaster managers to understand how climate information can aid preparedness, response and recovery, as well as to promote environmentally sustainable practice and advocate with their governments.

“This is the most important training you’ve ever been to,” said Thomaz Carlzon, Disaster Risk Manager for the IFRC’s Asia Pacific region, opening the session.

Climate champions

Technical advisers from the regional office taking part included specialists in disaster risk reduction, law, health, water and sanitation, and logistics.

The Climate Centre assisted with sessions on science, climate and gender and policy, early warning early action, and games.

An Asia Pacific ‘climate champion’ group and expert roster will now be available for possible deployment across the region to provide expertise and support to National Societies.

The IFRC’s 2018 World Disasters Report concluded that during the last few decades, climate-related floods and storms have been the main type of disaster worldwide. “Geographically, Asia has seen the most disasters and the most people affected,” the report said.

Participants from National Societies and IFRC offices across the Asia Pacific region at last month’s training session on climate resilience in Kuala Lumpur. (Photo: IFRC)