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Publication in Prehospital and Disaster Medicine by a.o. Madeleen Helmer (head of the RC/RC Climate Centre)

26/11/2008 - by RC/RC Climate Centre & IFRC

The Health Impacts of Climate Change: getting started on a new theme.
By Ms Kristie Ebi (IPCC),  Ms Madeleen Helmer (RC/RC Climate Centre) and  Mr Jari Vainio (IFRC)

Climate change is widely acknowledged as a key global challenge for the 21st century, and is projected to significantly affect population health and human well-being. All of the climate change-related changes in weather patterns will affect human health,from boosting mental well-being to mortality from largescale disasters. Human health can be affected both directly and indirectly. For various reasons, the health sector has been slow in responding to the projected health impacts of climate change. To effectively prepare for and cope with climate change impacts, public health must move from a focus on surveillance and response to a greater emphasis on prediction and prevention. The targeted agenda program dialogue identified three priorities for climate change related health actions: heat waves,vector-borne diseases; and malnutrition.

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