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El Niño: Briefing Note on current status and latest El Niño updates

22/08/2012 - by IRI/Climate Centre

El Niño Briefing Note: Current Status and Overview of possible effects

What is happening?

As of mid-August 2012, we are now in a very weak El Niño. From here, this El Niño may weaken further, but it is more likely that it will continue to grow to a weak-to-moderate-strength El Niño event. This would significantly impact disaster and health risks in many regions over the coming year. Scientists are closely monitoring how the rains will respond, and further information will appear in the next few months. Continue monitoring seasonal forecasts for the latest information; this note will be updated monthly, and can be found on the Climate Centre website. Download here the Briefing Note.

Please find below the latest regional El Niño updates based on the IRI seasonal forecasts:

  • Africa Seasonal Forecasts, September-November 2012
  • Asia Seasonal Forecasts, September-November 2012
  • Pacific Seasonal Forecasts, September-November 2012
  • Americas Seasonal Forecasts, September-November 2012

Guidance and Resources for Forecast-Based Decision Making

Download a document offering further background information on El Niño, seasonal forecast interpretation, connecting forecasts with appropriate actions, and resources for forecast monitoring and decision-making support, in Spanish