Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre



- Energize participants: activate people’s brainpower
- Create a sense of bonding among participants
- Learn from participants about what concepts they associate with [core theme of event] – for example “climate change”, “forecast”, “Red Cross”, “Corporate Social Responsibility”.


1. Facilitator asks participants to form duos, then explains rules with a partner:

  • Forming Deck: Each player creates an imaginary deck of cards containing numbers 1 to 10. Each player then physically ‘shuffles’ own deck of imaginary cards, then takes half of the deck and gives it to the other player (thus creating a mixed deck of imaginary cards).
  • Flipping Cards: The two players each simultaneously flip the ‘top’ card and at the same time say the number on card, loud and clear, (for example, I might say “two!” and you might simultaneously say “eight”. If there is no match (i.e. numbers are different), they keep flipping. It is best to use body language for both players to agree on when to say their numbers. If your partner is not ready or fails to say a word, it’s ok, just allow a moment for regrouping and start again, synchronized.
  • Snapping: If both players say the same number, the first player to say “Snap!” (and point to the other player with index finger) gets all the imaginary cards already flipped, and wins an imaginarypoint. They continue playing right away for about one or two minutes until facilitator says “Time is Up”
    Goal: The objective is to “snap” as many times as possible. We will play three short rounds. Ready? Go!

2. Participants now play the game “for real”.
3. Ask participants to form new duos, and play a second round with almost the same rules, only that now the deck of imaginary cards has no numbers, but the name of animals. Any animals (but remember the goal is to snap as much as possible). Play on for 1-2 minutes. Highlight as facilitator that even though everybody can think of dozens of names of animals, this round seemed much harder than the round with numbers… And the third one will be even harder – be ready!
4. Ask participants to return to their original partner. The game will be the same, but with a new deck. Players have about 10-15 seconds to come up with words in their imaginary deck of cards… which in this round swill be “words that you associate with the concept of [Core theme]. The core theme can be ‘climate change’, ‘Red Cross’, ‘forecast’, ‘gender’, or whatever matters given the topic of the event / session.

Materials needed:

- None


Note how some duos snapped more than others, and how it was evident that sometimes it was hard to converge into a snap, or to even notice the coincidence and remember to snap.