Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre

Race for Risk Reduction


To explore thinking and decision making under pressure
To explore communication with decision makers under pressure


1.     Divide participants into two groups. Explain the narrative: "You are living in two regions and can make use of many opportunities out there for risk reduction - however only certain opportunities can be accessed in any round. The deck of cards signifies these opportunities." 

2.     Then reveal the existing opportunities by turning over a number of cards per round - the 'match card' is placed on a special colorful piece of cardboard.  Explain further: "The 'match card' explains what opportunities you can use this year. Each team designates a player who should collect as many cards as possible with at least one matching criteria (e.g color, shape, number). The group scores one point for each card picked up. However if a player picks up a card that does not match the score for the entire round is zero points."

3.    Play the game:

Trial round: play a trial game and ensure that all participants understood the criteria for collecting cards

1st round: place 10 cards on the table- then turn over the card to match and place on the cardboard
2nd round: place only 3 cards - explain that there are scarce opportunities
3rd round: place 20 cards on the table in an interesting pattern
4th round: place all cards on different locations in the room and keep one card to place on the colored piece of paper or board.


The debriefing can include the following questions:

How did you feel when you were able to pick up cards?
Did you find all matching cards?
How did you communicate with your team while under pressure?
How did you communicate with the decision maker?

Materials needed:

- A deck of cards with different shapes, colors and numbers
A table
A colored piece of paper or board


Maintain pace while placing the cards on the table and encourage the teams to effectively communicate with their decision maker.

Relevance for adaptation and DRR processes

Adaptation processes often aim at trying out new strategies for dealing with climate variabilities and change. The game can support a discussion on seeing all possible opportunities while planning for adaptation and disaster risk management under pressure.